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Inverter Based Power Backup

From simple backup power to stand alone emergency systems, we offer a range of maximum power output and power system run time. The rated output of the inverter determines the maximum power and the size of the battery bank determines the system run time.
The systems designed to keep critical circuits powered in the event of a utility power failure. The batteries are kept fully charged by utility power when power is available. When the power drops out, the inverter automatically transfers those critical circuits to battery power. When the utility power comes back on, it automatically switches the loads back and recharges the battery bank. In short, the system is designed to automatically keep your critical circuits live, when utility power fails.

Customers should please contact us for a quote for your backup system selection or if you require expert help with choosing the correct system to satisfy your immediate and future home or business power requirement.

Suitable Applications

  • Residential and Commercial Lighting
  • Powering Electronics
  • Refrigeration
  • Water Purification

Why Invest in Power Backup system

These Inverter Based power backup for homes are affordable, and they can be sustainable solutions to the power crisis that many countries are facing today.

Avoid Power Outages

Power outages can occur without any warning losing electricity means living without lighting which can be an inconvenience short-term and incredibly stressful in the long term.Powerbackup systems are reliable for outage situations as these systems store energy and always ready for potential disaster.

Continuity Of Operation

This is one of the biggest benefits that the Inverter Based Power Backup. When plugged into a wall outlet, the backup power supply allows safe operation for a particular period of time. By switching to using power from batteries, this prevents data loss and allows the operators to shut down the computers or other equipments in a safe and effective manner. The end result is higher productivity.

Very Little Noise

Generators are very noisy and while they may power up most of the devices and appliances in your home, you still won’t be able to get a good sound sleep when they are running. If you live in small house or an apartment, a generator will make things all the more tensed and frustrating due to its noise. A more silent option is the inverter based power backup.