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Why Solar Water Pumps

Water is the basic need of life. Water finds lots of application from quenching our thirst to grow our foods. In rural areas where the source of surface water is scarce or far away , solar energy can be used to pump water and then supplied for drinking and irrigation.

in many places of Kenya, especially in Rural Places where water is scarce, the locals have to walk hours to fetch water. Since the village or human settlements are situated at much higher places than the water sources fetching a water is always a great problem. The unavailability of Grid Supply make the situation even worse.

In such case we construct a water collection tank near the water resources where the running water from its source/spring is collected and the another water tank is constructed near the village with required head(height needed). Then we use a high efficiency solar DC water pumps to pump up the water from the collection tank near the water source to the water tank situated at the village. Then the water collected at these tanks are distributed through normal pipelines. The only power available at many of these remote sites is a Solar Power. So we use an array of Solar Photovoltaic modules to pump the water from the water source to the village situated at great heights. During day time when sun rises the Solar PV modules generates an energy which runs the pump and the water is pumped up from the souce to the village , at night time the pumps stops automatically and the water is collected the whole night at the collection tank.

Are you looking for a reliable irrigation system ?
Do you want to reduce recurring costs of grid electricity and diesel generator ?
Do you want to lift water from source or river for irrigation and drinking water ?
Please call us and let us know requirements.Our engineers/technicians carry a site visit to conduct preliminary assessment. We design the systems for you and send details including price.

Solar Powered

Our Pumps are powered by solar energy. So there is no need of grid electricity or diesel generators to run it.


By reducing dependence on diesel, solar pumps significantly contribute in reducing the carbon footprint and supports nature conservation

Zero Maintenance Cost

A properly installed solar pump has negligible maintenance costs. Just ensure that panels are free from dust and clean the surface regularly.

Components of a Solar Water Pumping System

When you choose to invest in a solar water pump system,you will want to be aware of the different components ,how they work and why they are important.A solar water pump is a great investment for your home,farm,or business

  • Solar Panels
  • Water Pumps
  • Inverters
  • Controllers