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Solar Street Lights

Solar powered lighting is the modern solution to all sorts of applications where night illumination of open areas is required. One common application is street lighting, both for municipal and private estates, though the lights have many other applications including factory yards, car parks, school compounds etc where reliable night time illumination is required for vision or security.
Due to the energy required by incandescent bulbs solar power has not previously been viable, but with the development of reliable LED bulbs, which use about 5% the energy of equivalent incandescent types, solar power is now a cost effective and reliable alternative to mains supply.
Our range of street lighting systems are completely self contained, requiring no electricity line extensions and are maintenance-free, making them ideal for locations where utility power is unavailable or uneconomic


  • Lighting of streets
  • Highway and motorways
  • Markets
  • Car parks
  • Camp sites
  • Service stations

Key Features Of Solar Street Lights

  • Micro-processor based design
  • Energy efficient LED light based solutions
  • Automatic dawn-dusk function
  • Over-charging & discharging Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection